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Allen Chiang, Broker, CEO

Allen Chiang
Broker, CEO
Presidential Real Estate Inc.

A Message From The Broker

In 1987, when I started Presidential Real Estate, the single most important goal in my mind was to create a real estate brokerage firm with people at its center, to me, merely doing my job helping a customer sell a property or buying one isn’t enough. I wanted to make our customers feel more than just a customer, but part of a family, a good friend.

To me, “knowledge is power” simply cannot be more true, instead of trying to do everything related to real estate like many of my competitor, we focus on doing the best of what we do. Each Presidential Realtor has undergone high level of training and are required to attend a company wide seminar each week to keep up-to-date on the latest real estate law, policy and trends. Due to this extensive training schedule, each and every one of our realtor is an industry elite, not only do they have access to a multitude of tools and technologies, but they also have extensive knowledge in the details of real estate. Many of our senior level realtor have become top agents well known throughout California region.

The core of our business is moving people around the community, and because of this fact, we encourage each and everyone in our team to contribute to the community however they can, Presidential have initiated numerous community programs and contributted to even more. These programs range from providing relief to homeowners facing the threat of losing their home, coordinate funding and resources in a disaster, Recycling retired corporate computer equipment to third-world country for educational purposes and helping homeless people finding shelter.

I hope in time we may be of service to you and I look forward to having a new family member, and a new friend!

Allen Chiang
Broker, CEO - Presidential Real Estate Inc.