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The Presidential Story

The story of Presidential Real-Estate begins with its owner, Allen Chiang. Born in China, moved to Taiwan during World War II. His family was not welthy, in fact, in the standard of many, he would have been cosidered the poor. However, since he was very young, he has a thirst for knowledge and was gifted with the ability to remember almost everything he sat his eyes on. He developed a special interest for law and legal related knowledge and during his junior year in college he was the youngest person in Taiwan to pass the top tier standard test. At age 27 he was among the top 10 honoary teenage over-achieve in Taiwan.

“Do the best, or don’t do it at all” is Allen’s philosophy on everything. He started businesses using only personal funding, from trading company to assembly plant. He deeply believe in innovation and creativity, and always stay at the bleeding-edge, always a few steps ahead of the competition. When he was in the manufacturing business, he often draw up new design in a coffee shop with foreign investor, creating the first mockup with his engineer right in the hotel afterwards, sleeping merely 4 to 5 hours a day he stays far ahead of the competition and proudly owns the largest single assembly factory for hand-bag and other leather items in Taiwan with more than 3,000 employees and trading partner from United States, Canada, Europe and Australia.

As an early generation immigrant to America, life was anything but easy for him, but with his persistance and dedication, he obtained his lawyer’s license in New York, and later obtained bechelor degree in electrical engineering from University of California Los Angeles, which leads to working for the biggest communication equipment firm at the time, Bell Laboratory. Outside of his working hours, he often wondered the street and asking himself: “Where is the business opportunity?”

Finally, in 1991, he borrowed $5,000 and started a small company called “Presidential Real Estate”, on the first day of business, he’s small, 500 square foot office was flooded with realtors, wanting to join. 53 licensed realtors joined Presidential on day one.

Step by step, with his honest business practice, insisted doing things “fair and square”, in 10 years time, Presidential has grown to 5 branch offices, more than 300 realtors and head-quarter office over 20,000 square foot.

Allen often said: “opportunity is always there, if you know where to look”. He apporach his business looking ahead and above, firmly believing the philosophy that you will reap what you sow. He was never too fond of the common practice among competition that puts their own business interest in front of their customer’s interest, or worrying about losing business to competition.

He’s hardwork, focus and dedication has earned him a name widely known in the caucasian dominated real estate market. In 1992, he was given the chair of C.A.R (California Association of Realtors), over the years he has held numerous office from local board director, regional board director, involved deeply in the invention of electronically exchange data among MLSes in Southern California and C.A.R International Real Estate Legislative Liasons.

Believing “Knowledge is power”, in 2000, Allen set a nationwide record that under 10 months, on top of managing day to day business operations, he obtained all six National Association of Realtor certificates including CCIM, CIPS, CRB, SRES, ABR, ABRM on top of that he also received CRS, e-PRO and many other certifications, becoming the only person in N.A.R to hold that many recognition.

During this 10+ years of business venture, he have always insisted on training each agents personally, some realtors came because they faced challenges wherever they go and are on the edge of leaving the business, some were brave and bold and eventually got themselves in all sorts of problems, Allen did not care, he taught all his fellow realtors all the knowledge available to him, he is willing to share all that he knows. Aided with his gift of memory, he knew every single realtor by name and remember every case as if they happened yesterday. Under his careful nurture, most realtors at Presidential became business elite and Presidential Real Estate became more than a company, more than a business, it is a family.